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Description of Work

Network Structure

The general organisation structure of the Network is depicted in the following diagram.

Project Governing Board
The Project Governing Board (PGB) is (initially) composed of the six members that historically formed the Steering Committee for conceptualizing and materializing the proposal for the MUGEN NoE. The Coordinator acts as the chairman of the PGB for the full duration of the Network, whereas the Ethics Advisor and the Commission’s Scientific Officer are entitled to attend PGB meetings as non-voting observers. The PGB performs both executive and administrative functions, among which are formulating and revising the strategic priorities of the Network, evaluating, approving and adopting the Joint Programme of Activities (JPA) and reviewing and approving all Network reports and deliverables.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
The Scientific Advisory Board is an independent scientific board that monitors, advises and consults with the PGB on scientific issues that arise during the implementation of the JPA. Its presence further validates the Network’s commitment to managerial and scientific excellence on top of the work performed by the PGB. The SAB is invited to all Network conferences and is kept updated on progress made.

The Coordinator is the executive director of the Network and acts as an “intermediary” between the Network participants and the Commission, ensuring all Joint Programme Activities are performed according to the Network Schedule and all reports and deliverables are produced on time and are of a high quality. The Coordinator is also responsible for creating and maintaining a successful cooperation among the participants, chairing the PGB, supervising the drawing up of the Plan of Activities, delivering reports to the Commission and acting as a liaison between participants and interested stakeholders. Dr. George Kollias (short cv), currently serving as President and Scientific Director of the Biomedical Sciences Research Centre “Al. Fleming”, has been appointed Coordinator of the Network for its full duration.

Project Manager
The Project Manager is responsible for the everyday administration and coordination of any issues arising within the Network, ensuring the flow of information is optimised and reporting deadlines are met. The Project Management Office works in close cooperation with the Coordinator to ensure issues on gender equality, science and society and ethics are effectively raised throughout the implementation of the JPA.

Ethics Advisor
The Ethics Advisor is an expert in the field of bioethics and observes, consults and provides advice to the Network General Assembly and the PGB with respect to critical Network issues relating to ethics.

Specific Function Committee (SPC)
Each of the three Specific Function Committees (SFCs) consists of a Specific Function leader and the WP Leaders of the work packages that fall under each Network thematic area (Integration, Research and Spreading). Each SFC works on promoting innovation and excellence in the different activities taking place in the relevant thematic area.

Committee on Integration
Committee on Joint Research
Committee on Spreading

Work Package Leaders (WP Leaders)
Each Work Package of the JPA is assigned a designated leader. Leaders are responsible for producing deliverables on time and of a high quality as well as administering the Work Package specific work and budget to produce deliverables and meet Network deadlines.

Network General Assembly (NGA)
The Network General Assembly (NGA) is a virtual assembly of all Network participants existing through a general mailing list and an annual plenary meeting. Its role is to facilitate the exchange of information between participants at a Network-wide level, to offer an open forum for all participants to express themselves on all Network related issues and to promote cooperation and effective integration.

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