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News / MUGEN Network News
11. 3rd ENII-MUGEN Immunology Summer School 06-02-2008. The 3rd ENII-MUGEN Immunology Summer School which will take place from May 4-11, 2008 in Capo Caccia, Sardinia is designed for PhD students and early post docs who already have a basic knowledge of immunology.
12. 1st MUGEN Newsletter 17-10-2007. The 1st MUGEN Newsletter (view pdf) is now released.
13. MUGEN Visiting Fellowships 28-09-2007. MUGEN partners are waiting for you to mutually benefit from your 3-10 day visiting Fellowship exchange. To foster dissemination of knowledge and excellence -one of MUGEN”S core activities- applications from young European Researchers are invited for Visiting Fellowships to or from MUGEN laboratories.
14. PhD program in molecular and cellular life sciences 03-08-2007. The International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences is jointly conducted by the Max Planck Institutes of Biochemistry, Neurobiology and Psychiatry, the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and the Technical University Munich.
15. EuroMouse Meeting (6-7 July 2007, London) 10-07-2007. MUGEN’s coordinator Dr. George Kollias introduced MUGEN Network of Excellence to EuroMouse consortium.
16. Cytos Biotechnology 25-04-2007.  
  MUGEN participant Cytos Biotechnology enters exclusive license agreement with Novartis to develop, manufacture and commercialize novel vaccine for treatment of nicotine addiction. (25-04-2007)
17. Baltic Summer School 24-04-2007. MUGEN participant Medical Inflammation Research (Prof. Holmdahl) will organize Baltic Summer School “Inflammation: A Key to Common Complex Diseases” in Lund (September 2007)
18. Epithelial NEMO links innate immunity to chronic intestinal inflammation 29-03-2007.  
 MUGEN participant Professor Manolis Pasparakis and his colleagues have identified molecular basis of inflammatory bowel disease.
19. International Course on Laboratory Animal Science 26-03-2007. The MUGEN management office would like to announce the first call for the International Course on Laboratory Animal Science. The course will take place at B.S.R.C “Alexander Fleming” from 24 September-5 October 2007.
20. MUGEN Phenotyping Technological Workshop 29-01-2007. The MUGEN management office would like to announce the first call for the MUGEN Phenotyping Technological Workshop. The workshop will take place at Manchester University on the 27th of March 2007. For more information and details contact Dr. Werner Müller
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