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Public databases with primary data are ...
  a lot of work
  too much work
  not reliable due to lack of validation

The MUGEN Network of Excellence takes all reasonable care to ensure the information and resources it provides on its website were accurate at the stated date of publication or last modification. However, the NoE takes no responsibility for any consequences, loss or damage, which any potential errors or omissions may cause to users of any information published on these pages.

It is in the nature of an NoE, in which information is highly transferable, and the nature of Web sites, which are constantly changing, that information published may be out of date or may express personal believes of its author. Readers should verify information gained from this web site with the respective author before relying on it. Content and material may be changed and updated at any time without prior notice. Any views and opinions held or quoted on MUGEN forums are not necessarily those of the MUGEN NoE or its members.

Materials published by the NoE remains the copyright of the author and may not be reproduced without permission.


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