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Description of Work
MUGEN aims to structure and shape a world-class network of European scientific and technological excellence in the field of 'murine models of human immunological disease', to advance understanding of the genetic basis of disease and to enhance innovation and translatability of research efforts.

MUGEN's specific mission is to bring together different expertise from academic and industrial laboratories in order to study human immunological disease by integrating the participant's strengths in immunological knowledge with new approaches in functional genomics. In this way MUGEN expects to bring Europe a competitive advantage in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. In concert, MUGEN promotes training of young researchers and exploitation, dissemination and communication of scientific and technological excellence both within and outside of the network, to include all interested stakeholders in the area of human immunological diseases.

Moving towards the 4th JPA, MUGEN is focusing on further supporting already established capabilities, through greater integration of already set up services as well as investment on the development of new technological cores, expanding and enriching its research efforts and diversifying its dissemination initiatives to raise awareness.
Work packages
11. Infectious Diseases Lead Participant - GBF
Leading Scientist - Dr. Werner Muller
12. Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmunity Lead Participant - FLEMING
Leading Scientist - Dr. George Kollias
13. Immune Modulation of Cancer Lead Participant - DKFZ
Leading Scientist - Prof. Guenter Hammerling
14. Identifying Genetic Susceptibility in Human Immunological Diseases Lead Participant - ULUND
Leading Scientist - Prof. Rikard Holmdahl
15. MUGEN PhD Research School Lead Participant - FLEMING / ENII
Leading Scientist - Prof. Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli
16. MUGEN Research Training Network Lead Participant - FLEMING
Leading Scientist - Dr. George Kollias
17. MUGEN Training Courses Lead Participant - FLEMING, CNRS, UNIMIB, EMBL
Leading Scientist - Dr. George Kollias, Dr. Bernard Malissen, Prof. Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli, Dr. Alvis Brazma, Dr. Manolis Pasparakis
18. MUGEN Conference Lead Participant - FLEMING
Leading Scientist - Dr. George Kollias
19. MUGEN Management Lead Participant - FLEMING
Leading Scientist - Dr. George Kollias
20. Corporate and Network Intelligence Lead Participant - Biovista
Leading Scientist - Dr. Andreas Persidis
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