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Access Excellence/National Health Museum www.accessexcellence.org
Advanced Research Centre for Comparative Bioethics (UK) www.warnborough.edu
Aga Khan University, Bioethics Initiative ( Pakistan) www.aku.edu/bioethics/newsandevents.shtm
Aigam Search Engine www.aigam.com
All India Association for Bioethics ( India) www.biol.tsukuba.ac.jp/~macer/aiba.html
American Collegians for Life www.aclife.org
American College of Physicians, Center for Ethics and Professionalism www.acponline.org/ethics
American Journal of Bioethics Online www.bioethics.net
American Society of Bioethics and Humanities www.asbh.org
American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics www.aslme.org
Americans to Ban Cloning www.cloninginformation.org
Americans United for Life www.unitedforlife.org
Association for Practical and Professional Ethics php.indiana.edu/~appe/home.html
Australasian Bioethics Association ( Australia) www.australian-bioethics.org.au/


Baylor College of Medicine Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy www.bcm.tmc.edu/ethics
Bioethics Asia ( Japan) web.kssp.upd.edu.ph/philo/fora_BioethicsAsia.htm
Bioethics Associations www.medbioworld.com/both/assocdb/bioethics.html
BioEthics In Action http://www.bioethics-in-action.org/
Bioethics, Inc. www.bioethicsinc.com
Bioethics Initiative of South Western Ontario ( Canada) www.thebioethicswebsite.ca
Bioethics Institute Database (France) databases.unesco.org/bioethics/biowebintro.shtml
Bioethics Institute of New York Medical College www.nymc.edu/bioethics
Bioethics International Calendar www2.umdnj.edu/ethicsweb/upcome.htm
Bioethics Journals www.medbioworld.com/med/journals/ethics.html
Bioethics Press bioethicspress.com
Bioethics Research Centre ( New Zealand) anatomy.otago.ac.nz/Bioethics/
Bioethics: resources, links, news, and definitions ( Italy) www.eurodoctor.it/bioethics.html
Bioethik Diskurs (Germany) www.bioethics-discourse.de
Breaking Bioethics www.msnbc.com/news/breakingbioethics_front.asp


Canadian Bioethics Society ( Canada) www.bioethics.ca/english
Canadian Medical Association Journal www.cmaj.ca/
Catholic Medical Association www.cathmed.org/

Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Wheaton College


Center for Bioethics, Columbia University

Center for Bioethics, Indiana University www.bioethics.iu.edu
Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota www.bioethics.umn.edu
Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania www.bioethics.org
Center for Bioethics and Culture www.thecbc.org
Center for Bioethics and Health Law www.pitt.edu/~bioethic/
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity cbhd.org
Center for Bioethics and Public Policy www.cbpp.ac.uk
Center for Biomedical Ethics www.cwru.edu/med/bioethics/bioethics.html
Center for Biomedical Ethics www.med.virginia.edu/medicine/inter-dis/bio-ethics
Center for Christian Bioethics, Loma Linda University http://www.llu.edu/llu/bioethics/index.html

Center for Genetics and Society


Center for Ethics in Public Policy and the Professions

Center for Ethics in the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Tübingen ( Germany) http://www.izew.uni-tuebingen.de/
Center for Healthcare Ethics, St. Joseph Health System ethics@corp.stjoe.org
Center for Medical Ethics, University of Bochum ( Germany) http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/zme/zme-e.html
Center for Practical Bioethics www.practicalbioethics.org
Center for Research Ethics www.cre.gu.se
Center for the Study of Bioethics, Medical College of Wisconsin www.mcw.edu/bioethics
Center for the Study of Society and Medicine www.societyandmedicine.org/
Center for the Study of Technology and Society--Biotechnology www.tecsoc.org/biotech/biotech.htm
Centre for Applied Bioethics (UK) www.nottingham.ac.uk/bioethics
Centre for Bio-Ethics and Health Law www.uu-cbg.nl/
Centre for Human Bioethics ( Australia) www.arts.monash.edu.au/bioethics
Centre for Law and Genetics ( Australia) www.lawgenecentre.org
Centro Augusto Degli Esposti ( Italy) www.bioeticaepersona.it/
Charles Sturt University ( Australia) www.csu.edu.au/faculty/health/
Chief Medical Officer's Expert Group on Therapeutic Cloning (UK) www.doh.gov.uk/cegc
Children of God for Life www.cogforlife.org
Chile 's Regional Program on Bioethics ( Chile) www.bioethica.ops-oms.org/I/ihome.htm
Chinese Bioethics Research ( China) www.chinaethics.com
Christian Legal Society www.christianlegalsociety.org

Christian Medical and Dental Associations

Christian Medical Association www.christianmedicalassociaction.org
Christian Dental Association www.christiandentalassociation.org
Christian Medical Fellowship www.cmf.org.uk
Colegio de Bioética de Nuevo León, A.C. ( Mexico) www.bioetica.com.mx/
Compassionate Use Project compassionateuse.com
Conseil national d'éthique en recherche chez l'humain ( Canada) http://ncehr-cnerh.org/
Council for Biotechnology Policy www.biotechpolicy.com
Council for Responsible Genetics www.gene-watch.org
Creighton University Center for Health Policy and Ethics http://chpe.creighton.edu/chpe/index.htm


Dalhousie University Health Law Institute ( Canada)

Department of Health and Human Services ( United States) www.dhhs.gov
Deutsches Referenzzentrum fuer Ethik in den Biowissenschaften (Germany) http://www.drze.de/?la=de
Dignity and Older Europeans Project www.uwcm.ac.uk/study/medicine/geriatric_medicine/
Do No Harm: Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics www.stemcellresearch.org
Dolan DNA Learning Center www.eugenicsarchive.org
Dream Tech International www.d-b.net/dti
Duke University Center for the Study of Medical Ethics and Humanities www.csmeh.mc.duke.edu


Ethics & Medicine Journal

Eubios Ethics Institute (Japan) www.biol.tsukuba.ac.jp/~macer/index.html
European Bioethical Research ( UK) www.bioethics.org.uk
European Database on Medical Ethics www.euroethics.de
European Master in Bioethics ( Netherlands) www.masterbioethics.com
EthicsJobs ( Canada) www.ethicsjobs.ca
EthikNet www.ethiknet.de


Family Research Council

Feminists for Life www.feministsforlife.org
Florida Bioethics Network www.med.ufl.edu/chfm/ethics/fbn


Gene Letter

Genetics & Biotech Information Network http://www.geneinfo.net/
Genetics and Ethics ( Canada) www.ethics.ubc.ca/brynw/index.html
Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics Center for Clinical Ethics www.clinicalbioethics.georgtown.edu
German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences http://www.drze.de/
Goteborg University Centre for Research Ethics ( Sweden) www.cre.gu.se
Greenpeace International Genetic Engineering Campaign ( Netherlands) www.greenpeace.org/~geneng/index.html


Hastings Center

Health Hippo: Research Integrity and Bioethics hippo.findlaw.com/hippores.html
Health Law Institute, University of Alberta ( Canada) http://www.law.ualberta.ca/centres/hli/
Healthweb: Bioethics, Southern Illinois University Medical Library www.siumed.edu/lib/hw/Bioethics.html
Hong Kong Bioethics Association ( China) www.bioethics.org.hk
How to Write an Essay in Bioethics ( Canada) www.chass.utoronto.ca/philosophy/phlwrite/brown1.html
Human Bioethics Treaty Organization www.hbto.org/hbto/
Human Cloning Foundation www.humancloning.org
Human Genetics Alert ( UK) www.hgalert.org
Human Genetics Commission ( UK) www.hgc.gov.uk
Human Research Ethics Manual ( Australia) www.qut.edu.au/draa/or/ethics/human/index.html
HumGen ( Canada) www.humgen.umontreal.ca/en


The-Insight.com (spirituality)

Indiana University School of Law Center for law and Health www.iulaw.indy.indiana.edu/Programs/CLH/law_health.htm
Institute for Jewish Medical Ethics www.ijme.org
Institute of Medicine , Law, and Bioethics (UK) www.imlab.ac.uk
Institutional Review Board and Discussion Forum www.mcwirb.org
International Association of Bioethics (The Netherlands) www.bioethics-international.org
International Bioethics Committee www.unesco.org/ibc/
International Bioethics Meetup Day www.bioethics.meetup.com
International Center for Health, Law and Ethics ( Israel) http://research.haifa.ac.il/~medlaw/main.htm
International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics www.fabnet.org
International Student Bioethics Initiative www.studentbioethics.org
Issues in Medical Ethics, journal of the Forum for Medical Ethics Society ( India) http://www.issuesinmedicalethics.org/
Iowa State University Bioethics Program www.biotech.iastate.edu/Bioethics.html


John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre, University of Alberta ( Canada)

Johns Hopkins Bioethics Institute www.med.jhu.edu/bioethics_institute/
Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto ( Canada) http://www.utoronto.ca/jcb/
Journal of the American Medical Association jama.com
Journal of the International Association of Bioethics www.blackwellpublishers.co.uk/journals/bioethics



Laboratorio di Bioetica ( Italy)

Last Acts www.lastacts.org
Lifesite Canada www.lifesite.net
Leadership Medica www.leadershipmedica.com
The Linacre Center ( UK) http://www.linacre.org/frames.html
Lindeboom Institute www.che.nl/lindeboom/ (Dutch Version)
www.che.nl/lindeboom/Def_Eng.htm (English Version)
Loyola Marymount University , The Bioethics Institute http://www.lmu.edu/pages/580.asp


Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, University of Chicago

Mannvernd Association of Icelanders for Ethics in Science and Medicine ( Iceland) http://www.mannvernd.is/english/index.html
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics www.scu.edu/SCU/Centers/Ethics/
McConchie on Bioethics http://mcconchie.blogspot.com
MedicalEthics.ca: The Canadian Resource for Medical Ethics http://www.medicalethics.ca/
MedWebPlus www.medwebplus.com/subject/Bioethics/html
Michigan State University Center for Ethics and Humanitites in the Life Sciences www.bioethics.msu.edu
Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics paradox.stkate.edu/mnethx/
Monash University, Centre for Human Biethics at ( Australia) http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/bioethics/


National Bioethics Advisory Commission

National Catholic Bioethics Center ncbcenter.org
National Center for Bioethics in Research & Health Care www.tubioethics.org
National Consultative Bioethics Committee for Health and Life Sciences ( France) www.ccne-ethique.org/
National Council on Ethics in Human Research ( Canada) http://ncehr-cnerh.org/
National Human Genome Research Institute ( United States) www.nhgri.nih.gov
National Human Genome Research Institute ( United States) www.genome.gov
National Institutes of Health ( United States) www.nih.gov
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature www.georgetown.edu/research/nrcbl/
National Rural Bioethics Project www.umt.edu/bioethics
Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy www.meddean.luc.edu/ssom/depts.bioethics
New England Journal of Medicine www.nejm.com
Newsletter of the European Network for Biomedical Ethics ( Germany) www.izew.uni-tuebingen.de/bme/index.html
Nuffield Council on Bioethics (UK) www.nuffieldbioethics.org
Nurses Christian Fellowship www.gospelcom.net/iv/ncf/
Nursing Ethics.ca http://www.nursingethics.ca/


Office for Human Research Protections ( United States)

Ohio Bioethics Network www.beno-ethics.org
Ohio State University Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics www.freud.citl.ohiou.edu/ethics
Oklahoma University College of Medicine, Tulsa Oklahoma Bioethics Center http://www.tulsa.ouhsc.edu/excellence/excellenceindex.htm
Oregon Health & Science University Center for Ethics in Health Care www.ohsu.edu/ethics


Philadelphia Center for Religion and Science

Physicians for Compassionate Care www.pccef.org
Portale di Bioetica ( Italy) www.portaledibioetica.it
Poynter Center www.indiana.edu/~poynter/
President's Council on Bioethics bioethics.gov
Priests for Life www.priestsforlife.org
Princeton University Bioethics Forum www.princeton.edu/~bioethic
Provincial Health Ethics Network www.phen.ab.ca
Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research www.primr.org



Research News and Opportunities in Science and Theology http://www.researchnews.org/


Saint Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics

The Saint Francis International Center Healthcare Ethics www.bioethicshawaii.org
Sheffield Institute of Biotechnological Law and Ethics www.shef.ac.uk/~sible/sible.html
Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program www.snowflakes.org
Society for Medical Decision Making www.gwu.edu/~smdm/
Society of Bioethics and Classical Philosophy www.mcw.edu/bioethics/sbcp.html
Southern Cross Bioethics Institute ( Australia) www.bio-ethics.com
Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics www.stanford.edu/dept/scbe/
Study Centre on the Recognition of Human Personhood www.biol.tsukuba.ac.jp/~macer/CERPH/Frontpage.htm


Trinity International University

Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics and Health Care http://www.tuskegee.edu/Global/story.asp?S=1088641


UNESCO - International Bioethics Committee

Union of Concerned Scientists www.ucsusa.org
University of Alberta - John Dosseter Health Ethics Centre ( Canada) http://www.ualberta.ca/BIOETHICS/
University of British Columbia Center for Applied Ethics www.ethics.ubc.ca
University of Buffalo Center for Clinical Ethics and the Humanitites in Healthcare
University if Houston Health Law and Policy Institute http://www.law.uh.edu/healthlaw/
University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics www.bioethics.umn.edu
University of Newcastle Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Policy ( Australia) http://www.newcastle.edu.au/research/centres/chlep.html
University of Otago Bioethics Research Centre ( New Zealand) http://anatomy.otago.ac.nz/BioethicS/
University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics bioethics.net
University of South Carolina Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities http://www.cla.sc.edu/phil/bioethics.html
University of Texas Medical Branch Institute for Medical Humanities www.2.utmb.edu/imh
University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics www.utoronto.ca/jcb/
University of Virginia Center for Biomedical Ethics www.med.Virginia.EDU/medicine/inter-dis/bio-ethics


Vanderbilt University Medical Center , Center for Clinical and Research Ethics www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/ethics


Wellcome Trust ( UK)

West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center Health Care Ethics and the Law www.hsc.wvu.edu/chel
Wits University Bioethics Division ( South Africa) www.wits.ac.za/bioethics
World Transhumanist Association www.transhumanism.org



Yahoo! Groups: Bioethics groups.yahoo.com/group/Bioethics


Zentrum für Ethik in den Wissenschaften, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tubingen (Germany) http://www.izew.uni-tuebingen.de/
Zentrum für medizinische Ethik, Ruhr Universität-Bochum (Germany) http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/zme/

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