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Public databases with primary data are ...
  a lot of work
  too much work
  not reliable due to lack of validation
Newsgroups / Gene Expression Technological Newsgroup

The highly specialised Gene Expression Technological Newsgroup aims to establish a close communication between participants on a day-to-day basis, creating a scientific "community" that provides immediate responses to research and technology questions and requests.

Newsgroup participants can address a question or request to all Newsgroup members by sending an email to mugengel@mugen-noe.org. Newsgroup members can volunteer a response / guidance to the whole Newsgroup by selecting the Reply To All option on their email client. This essentially enables their response to reach all Newsgroup members and, thus, initiate a real - time over the web discussion on the request / question at hand.

Other than the day-to-day communication among participants, the Newsgroup is expected to foster wider scientific dissemination through a specialized newsletter sent to subscribers, covering a variety of topics on research results and advances, perspectives, important dates etc.

To subscribe to the Gene Expression Technological Newsgroup and distribution list, please click on the Subscribe link below.

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