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29-01-2007. The MUGEN management office would like to announce the first call for the MUGEN Phenotyping Technological Workshop. The workshop will take place at Manchester University on the 27th of March 2007. For more information and details contact Dr. Werner Müller


Dear Collagues,

The workshop will take place at Manchester University on the 27th of March 2007. The workshop will start at 1 pm (open end). The idea of the workshop is to achieve the impossible, namely "Standardization of Immunophenotyping". Dr. Andreas Lengeling will present our achievements obtained within the integrated project EUMORPHIA, he will also update you on the recent ideas within the new integrated project EUMODIC. After this, we will see whether we come up with ideas how to best standardize Immunophentyping. I can foresee that we may end with a guideline similar to the MIAMI standard (http://www.mged.org/Workgroups/MIAME/miame.html) for array experiments. May be at the end of the day we could define a standardized vocabulary and a predefined set of information collected to describe immunophenotyping protocols. Please register for the Workshop by sending an email to me until the end of February so that we can find a place for you to stay. Please tell me when you will arrive in Manchester and when you will leave again.
Manchester is easy to reach by plane and there are direct trains from the Airport to Oxford Road (close to the University). On the 28th of March members of the local BSI group of the university of Manchester will organize a meeting (http://immunology.org/meetings_inyourarea_manchester.php).

At least two presentation will have to do with TH1/TH2 cell development and function. The final program and schedule is not yet known.

A more detailed program both for the workshop and the Meeting on the 28th of March will be send to those of you who register for the workshop. Looking forward to meeting many of you in Manchester.

Werner Müller

Werner Müller
Bill Ford Chair of Cellular Immunology
Faculty of Life Sciences
D.1238 Michael Smith Building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester, UK
M13 9PT
Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 5233
email: werner.muller@manchester.ac.uk

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