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Mouse Database
MMdb is a comprehensive and user-friendly source of information for exploring genetic and phenotypic information on mutant models of human immunological disease. Its main goal is to publicize existing mouse models of immune diseases and processes, and to disseminate details of their particular characteristics. Core data include affected gene, genetic background, strain, allelic, mutational and phenotypic information as well as details on the handling and genotyping of mice. Additional information, in the form of comments inserted by the author, are also provided together with links to related published papers. Data are integrated through a combination of expert human curation, and use a variety of controlled/structured vocabularies (ontologies), like the MP Ontology. MMdb’s ultimate goal is to create a mouse-centric international forum on modelling of immunological diseases and promote correlation of various genotypic and phenotypic characteristics, which would pave the way towards systems biology of the mouse.

A manuscript describing MMdb entitled “MUGEN mouse database; Animal models of human immunological diseases” has recently been accepted for publication in the 2008 Database Issue of Nucleic Acid Research Journal (Aidinis et al., 2007).

Visit the MUGEN Mouse Database
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